“One of the Six" The Chiaroscuro (1998) Whispers From the Shattered Forum (1999)

“Honey” The Chiaroscuro (1998)

“Controlling the Condition” The Chiaroscuro (1998) Bloodfetish (1998)

“The Thing Within” Welcome to Nod (1999) 

“The Man in Cell Number Thirty-Three” Cthulhu Cultus (1999)

“The Need” Bloody Muse (1999) Erotic Fantasy: Tales of the Paranormal (2003)

“When the Word Is Reality” Dark Muse (1999)

“First Child of the New World" (with Geoff Cooper & Brett Savory) Errata (2000)

“Who’s Laughing Now?” Delirium (2001) Trip the Light Horrific (2004)

“The Promise” Whispers from the Shattered Forum (2001)

“The Nameless” The Blackest Death Vol. 1 (2003)

“Letting the Demons Out” 13 Stories (2003)

“Test Run” THWN Presents: New Voices in Horror (2003)

“Cheating Death” Camp Horror (2003)

“It Came From the Swimming Pool” Monster’s Ink (2003)

“A Daughter’s Gift” Night to Dawn (2003)

“Lesson Learned” Flash Fantastic (2004)

“Boy and Scissors” The Dream People (2004)

“A Man’s Gotta Do What a Man’s Gotta Do” Small Bites (2004)

“The Other” Small Bites (2004)

“The Doctors from Dimension Z” Horror Carousel (2004)

“Keepsake (A Tale of the Nameless)” The Blackest Death Vol. 2 (2004)

“A Dream of an Endless Highway” Chimeraworld #4 (2006)

THE NAMELESS (2009 - Black Death Books, 2012 – Dimension Z Publishing)

“Last Man Standing” The Dream People (2010)

“Twenty-Three Second Anomaly" The Zombie Feed: Vol. 1 (2011)

ESCAPE FROM ZOMBIE CITY (2011 - Apex Publications/The Zombie Feed Press)

THE HELL SEASON (2012 - Severed Press 2012)

LETTING THE DEMONS OUT (2012 – Dimension Z Publishing)

ESCAPE FROM ZOMBIE ISLAND (2013 – Dimension Z Publishing)

“The Screaming Sky” Horror D’Oeuvres (2013)

“This Is Not a Simulation” Horror D’Oeuvres (2014)

ESCAPE FROM ZOMBIE PLANET (2014 – Dimension Z Publishing)

“They Only Eat the Dead” Nightmare Illustrated (2014)

"The Healer's Song" Horror D'Oeuvres (2014)

YEAR OF THE DEAD: BOOK I (2015 - Severed Press)

DAYS OF RAIN (2015 - Nightscape Press)

YEAR OF THE DEAD: BOOK II (2017 - Severed Press)

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